Proven, Powerful Techniques And Therapies, Utilizing Your Powerful Subconscious Mind, Obtaining Faster Results Than Years Of Conventional Therapies

Use this 12 Step Programme to set yourself free from your past trauma, negative emotions, or beliefs holding you back, then, create & live the phenomenal life you desire & deserve!

What is a Transformation Coach? What do I do? How do I help You?

People have PROBLEMS. We all face a “PROBLEM” at some point or a couple of times.

You are on a journey called LIFE – living, working, Being, day by day. Pretty much the same

every single day: or perhaps you have days that have more hills than others – but still, you are on your journey through life. Many of us land up in a dead-end and we fall into a big hole during this journey. We may go through a divorce, lose our job, a loved one passes away, we have health challenges or one of our loved ones develop an illness, cancer, accident, robbery, abuse, sexual abuse, relationship problems, etc. The list can go on and on, but you will agree that for anyone this can alter and change everything in their current life.

  • This “PROBLEM” can make you fall deeper and deeper, like you’re inside a bottomless pit, with one challenge, obstacle, and disappointment after another.
  • This “PROBLEM” can leave you defeated, feeling lost, hopeless, depressed, exhausted.
  • This “PROBLEM” can leave you feeling stuck in this unwanted situation.
  • This “PROBLEM” creates so much fear and you feel anxious, scared, and filled with doubt for the future.
  • This “PROBLEM” makes you feel guilty and ashamed.
  • You might see no future and have no hope or faith to dream again…
  • Maybe you feel like you have “CHAINS” holding you back?

Your problems and emotional baggage become like chains around your waist, becoming heavier with each triggered instance and you struggle to move forward. You are exhausted and do not have the energy to go on. Imagine every negative emotion as a separate chain dragging along behind you. How many chains do we have weighing us down every day unconsciously?

You feel insecure and depressed. Medication is not working any more. (Did you know that severe mental and emotional stress can override medication?) Substance abuse could become a problem. It does not matter how many attempts, you just CANNOT get out of your PROBLEM or “Chains” circumstances, or negative relationship.

It becomes a downward spiral of a life out of control, and you feel like a tumbleweed thrown into a tornado. Your health – whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional – snowballs down a slippery slope, often with undiagnosed conditions. You become more and more despondent because you do not have the answers. Your relationships are not ideal, disintegrating, or toxic and abusive, you feel like you are drowning without a life jacket.

Your finances and work or career may be part of your PROBLEMS or may be negatively influenced because of these PROBLEMS. You may even fear losing your job/career. You may eventually not even recognize the person you have become. I know and I understand, because I can relate through my journey and experiences over many years.

Breaking those Trauma bonded chains is liberating, and it is possible to break free from your past and Thrive in your brilliant future!

The Universal Law States That For Every Problem, There Is A Solution.

Make an appointment with me as Your Transformation Coach. Transformation Coaching can help you to unshackle those chains holding you back.

Unhook those heavy chains and start building a bridge to the future you desire, by overcoming YOUR PROBLEMS, and breaking and releasing those numerous “CHAINS” weighing you down.

I will, as Your Transformation Coach ask all the necessary questions to make sure I UNDERSTAND your problem and help you to recognise your programmed mind, beliefs, and habits.

As Your Transformation Coach, I have the training and skill to discover deep-rooted and unresolved emotions and events that cause limiting and disempowering beliefs, habits, and emotional states. The best part is, that I, Your Transformation Coach, will give you all the TOOLS (mindset, outlook, beliefs, emotional states, confidence) to overcome any challenges or obstacles coming along in life.

You will have the SKILLS to deal with situations and life.

  • You will learn to find and give light in dark moments in life.
  • Your Transformation Coach will help you out of your hole of darkness – DEPRESSION.
  • Your Transformation Coach will teach you how to build bridges yourself.
  • Your Transformation Coach will show you that you CAN FLY!
  • Your Transformation Coach will empower you to break through obstacles.
  • Your Transformation Coach will help you to build a NEW SELF-IMAGE.
  • Your Transformation Coach will help you to have CONFIDENCE and BELIEVE in yourself.
  • Your Transformation Coach can help you to achieve your goals and reach for the TOP!
A life coach wearing glasses and a green shirt stands smiling with arms crossed in an office setting.

What Type Of Problems Can I Help You With

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery
Emotional hurt
Relationship Issues
Low self-esteem
Mental exhaustion
Destructive behaviours
Looking to change jobs
Giving up too easily
Struggling to achieve goals
Suicidal thoughts
Striving for independence

Communication problems
Shame / Guilt
Zero drive
Stress overload
Feeling obsessive
Looking to change career
Feeling like an outsider
Simply being Unhappy

Feeling stuck
Anger Issues – Management
Feeling overwhelmed
Struggling to adapt
LBGTQI – emotional struggles
Giving up consistently
Being victimized
Feeling lost

What solutions do I offer as Transformation Coach? 

My purpose is to assist you to break all those CHAINS dragging you down, keeping you from creating the life you truly desire, breaking the hold of CHAINS from your past, releasing you from the weight bringing down your entire body, mind and soul, as well as your whole energetic frequency levels, dealing with your negative beliefs and emotions.

Whilst we’re dealing with what’s holding you back, we can simultaneously discover what is really important to you, what you truly desire out of life, and we can start building bridges and exercising your wings to take flight to Your Future.

Once you’ve outgrown where you currently are, you will be delighted to discover how phenomenal your future reality CAN BE, because you are consciously creating what you want!

I am invested in your future, and I firmly believe you can achieve it, but I do not create Your Future, that commitment is Yours. You are ultimately responsible, as you will learn during the process, for everything in your Reality, good or bad. Let me help you to reach Your Highest Life Potential, in an Ecological way with phenomenal tools in my kit, to live the life you desire and deserve.

How will you benefit from the Transformation Coaching Programme

You will gain insight into how your mind actually works and how you are shaped by your life experiences. You will understand how beliefs and habits are formed, and how your life journey can leave you feeling shackled and stuck. I will share with you the functions of the Conscious and Sub-conscious Mind and show you how to harness their phenomenal power for your personal growth and development. You will also realize and understand what values are most important in Your life.

  • Letting go of emotional problems, the root causes of Anxiety, Depression, resolving past traumas and the resulting effects in your life
  • Reprogramming a person’s old Self-Image with a new Empowering Self-Image
  • Resolving Low self-esteem problems and the root causes contributing to it
  • Apply tools to boost and increase Self-confidence in all areas of life, including your personal perception of Self, increasing your positive self-beliefs, and boosting your current level of self-love to Unconditional Self-Love.
  • Anger Therapy /Management – Letting go of all the root causes causing the anger problems
  • Stop Procrastination
  • Resolving any Inner Conflicts – any mental (mind chatter) or emotional tug-of-war, going on in the mind.
  • Letting go of all Limiting and Negative Beliefs about oneself, life and your capabilities.
  • Motivation and Inspiration
  • Setting goals and achieving them with a proven system
  • Gratitude Journal